Android Reversing for Examiners


This lab was created by Mike Williamson (Magnet Forensics) and Chris Atha (NW3C). It was originally designed to be delivered live as a lab. With COVID-19, the lab was reworked to be delivered virtually. This gitbook is available to all and we really hope you enjoy and have some takeaways from it.

Many of the topics and processes introduced in this lab are complex. Our objective for the live delivery component was to get as much content as possible packed inside a 90 minute lab.

To cover the inevitable explanatory shortfall, this gitbook provides a lot of accompanying documentation and guidance which you can go through at your convenience, should wish to delve deeper!

Video Walkthroughs

Some people learn better by seeing, so a number of walkthrough videos have been created to assist in processes not specifically covered in the lab. The videos will be referenced in the appropriate places in this documentation, but there is also a full playlist located here.

Support Frida

We wanted to include a section about how to support Frida if you find it useful! Ole Andre, the creator of Frida, pointed to this tweet and advises that the best thing you can do is check out products offered by NowSecure! Pretty small ask for how powerful this thing is - and how much work goes into keeping the project going!

The opinions and information expressed in this gitbook are those of the authors.

They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Magnet Forensics or NW3C.

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