Recommended Toolkits and Scripts

Raptor Scripts

The Raptor scripts by 0xdea (Marco Ivaldi) are an excellent starting point for a base script. The 'trace' line of scripts provide prebuilt method hooking functions which greatly simplify the hooking process. There are both Android and iOS variants available. If you browse to the bottom of any of these scripts, you will see some commented out examples of how to use these scripts, included here for quick reference:

// usage examples
setTimeout(function() { // avoid java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

	Java.perform(function() {

		// trace("");
		// trace("");
		// trace("CryptoUtils");
		// trace(/crypto/i);
		// trace("exports:*!open*");

}, 0);

Once one of these scripts is loaded into a REPL session, you can access thetrace methods directly from the REPL. Alternatively, you may add them directly to the raptor script. Remember, making changes to a script while it is loaded will cause Frida to reload that script.


Another great resource for scripts is "frida-awesome", a repo maintained by David Weinstein at NowSecure containing a large number of links that include: talks, papers, videos, blog posts,

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