Additional Resources / Questions

Learning Frida is all about finding stuff online!

We could not possibly cover all there is to know in the span of 90 minutes. Instead, our goal is to empower you and provide concrete examples of situations where as a forensic examiner, you might consider RE to help explain or validate some tricky data.

We recommend following @fridadotre on Twitter as you will be more likely to see when new versions are released.

The release notes often provide working examples you may be able to use in your own reverse engineering.

It might seem obvious, but it's worth reiterating -- one of the best resources out there is the Frida website itself. For instance, check out this page on the JavaScript API or this page with a bunch of Android examples.

Updates from June 9th Q&A

On June 9th, we hosted a followup Q&A and discussed a number of other interesting resources which are listed below.

Frida Telegram Group

Another great way to get in touch with a room full of reverse engineering folks is to join the Frida telegram group.


Maddie Stone has an Android application reverse engineering course which focuses on reversing potentially malicious applications.


This lab is all about Android, but in the event you wanted to try your hand at frida on iOS, you can do that! Checkm8/checkra1n has really made this a lot more accessible than it used to be.

There are definitely nuances that make it distinct than Android. Generally speaking, static analysis can also be more tricky!

One great way to get started is with Ivan Rodriguez's free course available for those interested in pursuing iOS RE.

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